Why many have chosen Nicole Seah over Tin Pei Ling

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  1. NicforMarineParade says:

    Nicole Seah is ‘NSP’s Little Nonya’ for Marine Parade GRC.

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    1. ROCKFather says:

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  3. Reuben Fong says:

    Your comparative thesis between these two candidates failed the critical tests of identifying correctly the premise of the PAP (Ms Tin) and Nicole (who has yet to demonstrate her capacity to connect with the ground).

    There is no doubt that you merely cherry-picked what is conveniently said online about Ms Tin to justify the position that she is unfit to be a MP. In fact, her speech in 2007 is about globalization and the resulting consequences which led to those who are not equipped to move faster to be left behind as companies move to cheaper countries of production. Instead, the online community made her guilty by association by linking Singapore’s inability to prevent the effects of globalization to the perceived notion of he government’s position of not closing the income gap.

    This is a failure of critical thinking, taking the message our of context and merely reinforced your anti-establishment views however it may be.

    Nicole is an unknown in the political circle, and to be lauded by you without any tangible grassroots merits smacks of elitism on the highest order.

    1. David says:

      Reuben Fong, you are asserting that Tin Pin Ling is able to connect with the ground and at the grassroots level but that is merely wishful thinking on your part. The facts always speaks for itself and figures don’t lie. The PAP Govt loves to throw up numbers and statistics and this time round, the facts and figures clearly showed that Nicole Seah is able to connect better with Gen Y than Tin Pin Ling. Tin Pin Ling is a member of the Elite and will not be able to understand and truly feel for the lower middle classes. Her parents were wealthy coffee shop owners and she should not try to downplay her privileged upbringing and background in order to paint a false picture of her ability to connect with the masses.

    2. Reuben Fong says:

      What absolute rubbish you are talking about? You are associating anyone, and I mean anyone, who joins the PAP as elitists, while all others who join the opposition as the true grassroots voices.
      As far as I know, you have not presented facts to support that Nicole connects with Gen Y better than Pei Ling. You are merely making a statement, an opinion, that is not corroborated with empirical evidence. Considering that this is a student-led publication, I would have expected a much more robust defense of your preferred candidate, Nicole. Yet what I see are the same talking points taken from the Internet. Have you spoken to her before? Do you know her parents? How do you know that her parents were wealthy coffee shop owners? What is the definition and quantum of “wealthy” means to you?

      Till today, the online folks such as yourselves have established pre-judgements on Pei Ling without even physically involved in investigating the merits of such unsubstantiated conclusions perpetuted by anti-establishments netizens online. Did you go to the specific constituency and ask the people if they have seen her work when she volunteered for the meet-the-people session? How did the residents rate her? Are the areas where she has failed? Have she done any good there?

      The fact of the matter is that you are no different from those who comfortably sit behind the computer, laptop or whatever and paraphrase what other already hard-core anti-establishment netizens are saying online.

      Till today, I don’t see why a lady who joined the PAP, actively volunteered to serve residents in a particular community and decided to step up to the political arena deserves such personal attacks. In contrast, a lady who writes really well on a campus newsletter deserves unreservedly praise from the online community, even though she has not done a single thing yet to demonstrate her connectivity to the grassroots.

      I’m sorry to say you are no different from the mass herds online with little independent thinking on your own.

    3. JT says:

      Hey Reuben! You nutcase! So sorry but your call for ’empirical’ evidence has come true. There are indeed grassroots from Marine Parade who have came up to voice their displeasure with Tin Pei Ling. Go google it for yourself or read this:

    4. Reuben Fong says:

      JT, you are a nutcase yourself….to use the TR as a reference for “empirical evidence”. Again, TR continues to publish opinions, not facts. Have my questions been answered?

      Let’s assume that TR is factual as you claim it is to be, then he context of this supposed grassroots leader is that AGE is a contributing factor to being a MP. If you accept this position, then Nicole shouldn’t be fielded at all, and this comparison article between Nicole and Pei Ling is irrelevant.

      I believe you never done a single shred of investigative work on the ground before you make such statements. Until today, I don’t hear any of the opposition parties get themselves in character attacks like you and other anti-establishment netizens.

      Calling me a nutcase is merely calling the kettle black.

    5. ROCKFather says:

      David, I think you are so stupid, What Reuben is saying is that this tabloid papers has DONE NOTHING MORE THAN put facts which everyone already knows….

  4. Neo says:

    Tin Pei Ling is promoted to have good relations with the ground, but can be just another election marketing ploy.

    Reuben brings up a good point though, that while Nicole Seah might be more appealing now, she might not necessarily be BETTER than Tin.

    Let’s hear what are their views when they are more politically seasoned.

  5. shen says:

    Are both candidates from FASS? I’m pretty sure Seah is, but Tin just dont look/sound like it… She was from business, no?

    1. Salima says:

      Tin Pei Ling was apparently a Psychology major!

  6. Amused says:

    I’m impressed by the aspirations of some Singapore youths to improve the lives of ordinary citizens. This country may still have hope. Best of luck!

  7. bryan says:

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  8. Donald says:

    Anyone else saw Nicole’s interview on razaortv?

    Personally I find Nicole’s answers too be very trivial. She was not involved in any grassroots type activities, and her ‘community’ involvement seemed to be limited to some volunteer work and ECAs…

    She seemed to be a political tool by NSP to field someone against TPL, given that she does not even know how long is NSP involved in the GRC she is running in.

    Mind you, I’m not saying that TPL is any good. I do agree that it is heartening to see youths having the courage to come out and fight for what they believe in. I just feel that the netizens tend to give Nicole a break cos she’s in opposition..

    1. Salima says:

      I actually think we’re being a bit too harsh on her if we expect her to have done a lot of grassroots activities at 24. I mean, how many of us are around 24 and have done years of grassroots work? It’s true that she has little experience but that’s not what makes her seem a much stronger candidate than Tin Pei Ling. In her interview, Nicole was candid and confident, and spoke with the air of someone who had thought her answers through seriously. She comes across as being sensible, which considering her age is the most we can ask for. She looks like she has the potential to do good things whether she gets into Parliament or not. On the other hand, Tin Pei Ling is going to get into Parliament anyway and the whole country is nervous because nobody can see that potential in her.

      On another note, doesn’t it just seem appropriate for an opposition party to field a young candidate against TPL? Whether or not that’s what they’re doing, it could turn out to be a good strategy

  9. patriot says:

    me am an oldie and may i say both candidates should be welcome to prove their worths. Though me am not a Marine Parade GRC Electorate, me thinks that i can safely say that the Constituents there will know which candidate and which party they will favour. As the Candidates campaign to them, the Voters there will be in a better position to decide.

    It is also good for Singaporeans to reveal and disclose whatever they know about the Candidates be it positive or negative. The Young Political Aspirants also go to show that the younger people are now seeing the need of their participation in nation building. Both Tin Pei Ling and Nicole Seah should be encouraged, how they turn out in future, they have to prove themselves and Singaporeans need no rush to ascertain their suitabilities at this point in time.

    Both are part of a group representation with seasoned and old leaders guiding them. It will not be a surprise if they turn out ‘qing chu e lan’, meaning that they perform better than the older members in future.


  10. Helo says:

    Nicole is such a breath of fresh air compared to Tin Pei Ling. Nicole appears genuine and has strong views of her own. Tin Pei Ling came across as being too afraid to say anything remotely opinionated or controversial and was as bland as plain water.

    I don’t buy into the PAP’s propaganda (which appears to have infected Reuben and Donald) about “grassroots experience” being the key consideration when choosing MPs. Yes, a passion to serve the community is important and necessary, but you don’t need to become an MP to serve the community – you can just become a social worker or grassroots helper. Rather, the single most important role of an MP is to scrutinise legislation and speak up in Parliament on issues of national importance. And that is why evidence of critical thought is necessary.

  11. ex-PAP supporter says:

    My wife and I had a very good impression of Nicole Seah, the way she handled the questions and the grace and poise she displayed. At the tender age of 24, she has in my view displayed more verve and maturity than a number of PAP candidates, including a particular former major general of the army.

    Nicole could have scored cheap political “one-upmanship” points by criticising Tin Pei Ling, but instead chose to re-focus the discussion to big issues even though the reporters kept trying to compare her with Tin Pei Ling.

    I am not from Marine Parade, but wish Nic0le Seah the very best. I hope to see more of her whatever the outcome of the election.

    1. sgcynic says:


  12. Instinctively Speaking says:

    One speaks eloquently and confidently from the heart,
    The other lady seems to read off a practiced script.
    She comes across credible and a natural winner,
    Her elder sister looks like she is falling apart.

  13. noway says:

    Nicole way to go! You make the opposition and your party proud!
    I hope to hear more from you in the rally!

  14. Edward says:

    This is very serious.

    PAP’s domination will be very very threatened.

    Imagine a sizable NUS graduates who are vocal, passionate and well educated join NSP due to Nicole’s influence.

    That will be the end of PAP.

    PAP’s decision to keep Tin Pei Ling there further highlight how mediocre PAP actually is.

  15. kelly says:

    Nicole Seah has missed ONE point, or rather the party missed one point (via her party’s website).

    Instead of leaving money to get more hospital beds, why not use the money to educate people to eat more healthily? Our nutrition education is s…o horrible that the HPB promoted unhealthy margarine and sunflower oils that this mistake itself can set the victim back with a $30,000 heart surgery bill:

    No matter which opposition party is voted in (and who eventually wins), hawker food prices are going to increase simply because food prices will increase. Don’t forget that third world countries are WITHHOLDING foods to their own people and letting the starving starve! WHY? Because the appearance of scarcer food drives the prices of food up. GREED! Google for info on how African and Middle Eastern govts withhold and control WHEAT.

    Although Tin Pei Ling’s idea of keeping hawker food prices unchanged for 6 months, is not going to do much “good”, but it was a more honest “view” of the future.

    Nicole Seah is better than Tin Pei Ling when it comes to speech-making, but overall, I wouldn’t say she is better than Tin Pei Ling. Tin Pei Ling, like Nicole Seah, will have to prove themselves.

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