Oppositon Scorecard II: GE 2011 Aftermath

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  1. Ken says:

    It’s Danny the Democracy Bear.

  2. Daniel Leong says:

    I think an explanation for why the SDP didn’t appeal in Holland-BT can be found simply in the demographics of the area: Holland-BT is probably one of the richest constituencies in Singapore, judging from how much of it is made up of landed housing. And if people have benefited from the PAP system a lot already, they would be less willing to turn against it for ideological or philosophical reasons. It would be interesting to see the extent to which demographics have affected how people voted – an idea for a poli-sci study!

    1. Shot says:

      Contrary to your belief, the rich are more likely to vote for the opposition. The fact is Holland-BT had the highest percentage of voters voting for SDP for all constituencies they contested (39.9% for H-BT is already their highest, go check the results). Considering that VB had some controversy over YOG, SDP should stand a greater chance. Their team, with TJS and VW, is the A-team of SDP. So what really went wrong? WP’s A-team challenged a well respected MP and won. SDP went for 2 of the 5 PAP candidates with major controversy(VB for YOG and KBW for raising healthcare costs, the other 3 contested by other parties being TPL for interview answers, MBT for raising housing costs and WKS for Mas Selamat escape) and failed to secure even 40% of the votes for every single constituency they contested. Though the other opposition parties(NSP and SPP) did not win the GRCs for the other 3 PAP candidates with contraversy, they did score above 42%. Both NSP teams and SPP A-team scored higher percentages than SDP A-team.
      So what when wrong? Firstly, almost every Singaporean knows who CSJ is.(There are some that dont… Trust me, there are even some Singaporeans that dont know who the PM and President is.)
      TJS is not that well known and VW even less so. But those who know TJS and VW(well read people) surely know who James Gomez is and what he did last election.
      Secondly, while most netizens who actively make comments on the net are radical, they do not represent the majority of Singaporeans. Most Singaporean are conservative. While many Singaporeans are angry and disappointed with the current situation, we still want stability and peace. While many of us would have welcomed a change, an overwhelming majority of us do not want disruptive strikes or protests. We want leaders with integrity, not dishonest or treacherous individuals.(Knowing that he himself had not submit form and accuse someone else of not processing his application is treacherous, its like putting a pen in someone else pocket and accuse him of shoplifting) Compare SDP’s results with those of WP, SPP and NSP and you will know the answers yourselves. How long will it be before their deeds are forgotten? I do not know, but i would guess the effects will last generation before diluting, around 20 years.

    2. Shot says:

      Thirdly, the CST factor. SDP used to be one of the top opposition party, but that was before CST left. As CST’s popularity soars, SDP’s reputation(as well as SDA’s) is affected adversely. Anyone branded as a usurper will have a difficult time getting votes from the vote swingers.

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