Written on: Mon, Jun 20th, 2011
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Gek Li San talks about U_R_NOT_ME, an Upcoming Dance Film Installation

Gek Li San talks about U_R_NOT_ME, an Upcoming Dance Film Installation
image credits: courtesy of Gek Li San/ photo is from an older rehearsal of U_R_NOT_ME  
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U_R_NOT_ME is a dance installation scheduled for 23-26 June 2011 at The Gallery, Old School. This multi-disciplinary artistic project was created by Gek Li San, Lim Chin Huat (ECNAD), Wang Chu Qiao, and features a much larger team. KRC was fortunate enough to have had the chance to interview Li San about her new work.

Li San had taught me video-editing about 5 years ago in a film-making workshop I’d attended before entering university. She is an established video-editor and has won many awards for her edited shorts, notably Moving House, which was directed by Tan Pin Pin (it won a Student Academy Award [OSCAR] in 2002). She has also worked on films like Wee Li Lin’s Gone Shopping and Remember Chek Jawa.

U_R_NOT_ME marks the first time that Li San has worked on a multi-disciplinary artistic project.

“Primarily, I’m a filmmaker; I’m not exactly that familar with other art forms, though I have been involved in dance performances occasionally.

“The opportunity for a non-artist to try out such a multi-disciplinary project is rare and precious, and this is my first time involved in installation work. I find installation works ( which is a relatively new art form) extremely fascinating as they allow the audience to have close contact with the work. Some installation works go further in exploring the interaction between audience and the work.

“That is what I like most about installation works. All our 5 senses seem to be sensitized and opened up for new challenges when we interact with installations using our body and movements.

“I have to say that I am extremely lucky. Usually it is the work (or idea) that finds me rather than the other way round. I rarely actively search for a project. They usually find me by some amazing cosmic force. :)”














I browsed through the U_R_NOT_ME site, noting the mysterious dream that inspired this multi-disciplinary piece of art. What should the audience expect from this installation?, I asked Li San.

“When we first brainstormed about this project, we planned to surprise our audience from the beginning of the show till the end.

“Unfortunately, it is a little difficult to “keep things too secretive”  as we will be unable to promote the work by writing or showing clips of it.

(image courtesy of Gek Li San)

“I think the audience would know what to expect after watching our short interviews and trailers. However, I hope the biggest reward is to have the opportunity to experience a show all by themselves. (the audience will have to explore the installation work individually, one at a time)

“I find this opportunity of giving a space to yourself (wholly to yourself) very rare in urban society. Yet, empty space is badly needed for good mental health. That is my main motivation in insisting on such a way of presentation. We all need to meet and talk to ourselves sometimes.”

Li San also added modestly that she is still very much an amateur in this field. “In the world of visual arts in Singapore, I’m still an outsider, not an insider. However, I do observe that collaboration and exploring multi-disciplinary expressions is definitely a trend in the making.”

Check out this exciting new project at Old School, The Gallery (11B, #01-12, Mount Sophia) from 23-26 June 2011. This dance film installation would not have been possible without support from the National Arts Council, Old School, Dimeled, Widescreen Media, Suite Sound and Cinegear.

Admission is free and the work runs for about 30 minutes.

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