Second Chances’ Forum: Rethinking the Death Penalty

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  1. For fear of being made an example, I have made my name “Anonymous”.

    Nonetheless, I fully applaud M Ravi’s sustained dedication to this cause, and in light of the balanced and rallied response to Vui Kong’s case, am rather encouraged. Second Chances, Subhas Anandan, Think Center, et al, have shown me what civil society in Singapore stands for and is capable of.

    I truly think that the time is coming (or has come) for Singapore to liberalise and rethink the bases upon which our policies and ideologies are founded upon. People are finally responding to the trauma of Shanmugam Murugesu, Van Tuong Nguyen, and now Yong Vui Kong.

    For the first time, I may actually have faith in this country. Only we have the power to recover from and heal from the trauma of abnormally accelerated growth.

    Peace and love.

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