Notes on “The Material Culture of Bukit Brown Cemetery”

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  1. Thanks for your recap of and reflections on Dr Lai’s talk, Isaac.

    I’m writing on behalf of SOS Bukit Brown, a diverse group of concerned Singaporeans who firmly believe that Bukit Brown should be kept intact and is therefore campaigning to save it 100%. Besides it being of heritage and historical values, Bukit Brown is also a forested area which has rich bio-diversity and important environmental value. Furthermore, it is a common space which is open and beneficial to everyone.

    For these reasons, we hope you will join the thousands of Singaporeans and foreigners who are trying to save Bukit Brown. Please get as many people as you can to do the following:

    1) ‘Like’ the SOS Bukit Brown page:

    2) Include your name in the Open Letter to the SG Govt – email your name+ID number+email to: (read the Open Letter here:

    These 2 numbers reflect the ground sentiments, translate into the concerns and strong interest about Bukit Brown and why it is popular and pragmatic to save our heritage and environment.

    Bukit Brown is too valuable to lose, let’s get together to save it!

    1. Isaac Tan says:

      Hello. I would like to personally thank you for all that you are doing and urge readers of this article to visit your website.

      I have done as you have requested. Kindly check your email. Let us all hope that our efforts will be paid off.

  2. Tan Xiang Yeow says:

    Here’s the article: Sign Online Petitions to Save Bukit Brown

  3. Cuifen says:

    Hi! Great write-up! I’m preparing to bring friends around Bukit Brown, and although I’m already familiar with the tomb design, etc – it’s really helpful to read your article. Gained some clarity and new perspectives. Thanks! :)

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