A Luxury We Cannot (yet) Afford

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  1. Alfian Sa'at says:

    Hello Su Wai, thanks for this write up. I’d like to make a little clarification, if you don’t mind. You mentioned:

    “He cited theatre as free space – for that timespan of the play, everyone was free to indulge in an innocuous breaking of the rule of law.”

    What I said about ‘uncommon spaces’ was in reference to spaces where one could challenge certain prevalent or dominant social norms and conventions, not where one could ‘break laws’. I think whatever we do, even in what I termed uncommon spaces (which would also include places like houses of worship, discotheques, ethnic enclaves, etc), as citizens we should not be exempt from the rule of law. ‘Uncommon spaces’ are where you don’t necessarily behave as you would in a public ‘common space’, and which demand a certain open-mindedness in our encounter with difference.

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