Arab Scholar Applauds move by MM Lee and SM Goh in Conference

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  1. Amused says:

    Mr Koh,

    I think you are going to be a great ST reporter based on your recent articles.

    “Whilst some Singaporeans have subscribed to Catherine Lim’s interpretation of the resignation by MM Lee as “his political demise“, foreign observers like Dr. Dahlan have been able to appreciate the deeper political import and avant-garde nature of the resignations.”

    Enough said.

    1. Koh Choon Hwee says:

      Why didn’t you quote the sentence after that?

      “The debate continues between those of us who choose to understand Lee Kuan Yew’s politics in terms of his self-interest and himself on the one hand, and those of us who understand his politics as a more nuanced mix of concerns: as a result of tensions between his concern for the good of Singapore, and his belief that his view of the good of Singapore is the right view.”

      I have been critical of the PAP and the government in past articles too, and am prepared to give credit or criticism whenever I deem fit.

      Thanks for your comment!

    2. Amused says:

      It’s one thing to write a reporting piece, another to write an opinion piece. This appears to be an opinion piece disguised as a reporting when you wrote “Dr. Dahlan have been able to appreciate the deeper political import and avant-garde nature of the resignations.” I, for one, disagree with his view and your opinion.

    3. Koh Choon Hwee says:

      This article is indeed an opinion piece, which also relates Dr. Dahlan’s opinions as he announced them during the conference and analyses them.

      Disagreements are welcome! Disagreements will keep modifying and reshaping our political debate which is a positive development, imho.

  2. Overseas Singaporean says:

    Are you sure you picked the right words to describe the nature of the resignations?

    Avante garde means something innovative.

    There is nothing avante garde about resignations especially in the context of non-performance, failure to deliver on promises, failure to meet KPIs, we see that all the time not only in politics but the corporate world.

    Unless you are trying to say that MM Lee and Mr Goh are pushing boundaries in terms of political development.

    It is little wonder why some people view the piece as apologist..

    If I am a CEO, and I cannot deliver on my promises, there is nothing avante garde about my announcing my design to resign IMO

    For Catherine Lim, you have to understand her perchant for ironies. Her classics Or Else, The Lightning God is filed pretty much with it. Given her penchant for that, of course she would choose to look at LKY from perspective of well, someone writing ironies.

    1. Koh Choon Hwee says:

      I did choose the term ‘avant-garde’ specifically and intentionally.

      Thanks for your view.

  3. Overseas Singaporean says:

    Hey sure!

    Look forward to reading your articles. Take carez

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