Khaing Su Wai
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A dwarf parading around to be human and a living experiment on third culture identity.

Nature over Nurture

They say humans are creatures of habit but the same elusive they also claim that change is the only permanence. Human beings are constantly in a flux – our emotions, our habits and our state of being …

Not By Any Definition

“When senseless acts of tragedy remind us / That nothing here is promised, not one day.” In the wake of a tragedy (or even resistance), we learn a few things. We learn that hate remains within some of…

The Plan Not to Plan

  A broke University student always needs back up plans to survive in this cruel world and mine has come in the way of tutoring; I have been on-and-off tutoring a few students, helping them out w…

Heart of a Country

It’s close to seven when I make my way through the congregation of blocks to the bus stop near the main road. I should have reached by around six forty five but as per usual, I spend precious few minu…

That Festival With Colours

Holi, perhaps more well-known as the Festival of Colours, probably holds the unfortunate post of “most celebrated Indian festival on the planet.” You must have seen it being represented in different f…

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