Clarifying Film Screening Regulations in NUS

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  1. Paul Ananth says:

    This is why we need Yale…unfortunately.

    At Yale, when a student decides to screen a film, he or she obtains a copy from a legitimate source and screens it. There is no need to go to the Board of Film Censor, Media Development Authority, Deans office, Faculty advisors etc….

    While Yale has been notoriously silent on the human rights violations -waterboarding, Guantanamo Bay etc perpetrated by their alumnus while POTUS, at least students there do not have to go through the same painful processes that you have to just to screen a film…That is something hopefully the local admin will learn (not endorsing waterboarding!!)

    1. Koh Choon Hwee says:

      We don’t need “Yale”, or some “Western” institution/person to “save” us from our own administrative processes.

      We just need more proactive and passionate students, Singaporeans to push for reform, and not just sit on our bums and envy the “West” and wish they’d “liberate” us from ourselves.

      I understand that you sympathized with the painful processes we went through, but I really think we ought to stop thinking that everything that is “wrong” with our society can be cured by the ang mohs.

    2. Paul Ananth says:

      You probably were not born when Singaporean students in the Tan Wah Piow/Juliet Chin were passionate and proactive in pushing for reform from within using Singaporean talents for Singaporeans. The sad reality now in 2012 is that we do not envy “The West” or need them to “liberate us”. It is just that they are more likely to get away with what we want to do. If Yale-NUS can get away with simply showing a movie from a distributor without going through the pain you went through, there is no way that BFC or OSA is going to stop a passionate Singaporean like yourself from doing likewise the following weekend.

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