Discouraging suspension from school as a form of punishment

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  1. Daphne Low says:

    dear kelvin,

    lately, i just happened to read an article on Issue Brief: School Suspension: Effects and Alternatives
    Source:Advocates for Children and Youth
    Date:April 1, 2006
    "There is an astonishing amount of research that highlights the negative academic, social, and health effects of harsh school disciplinary practices, the inequitable and subjective application of school discipline codes, the cost to schools and students in terms of lost administrative and instructional time, and the increased drop out rates of suspended and expelled students. This issue brief developed by OSI grantee Advocates for Children and Youth (ACY) provides a summary of this research and an overview of the negative outcomes caused by school suspensions and expulsions."

    thinking u might be interested(:


    best regards,
    Daphne Low

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  3. Alfonzo Akre says:

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