ERP, COE and the Carparks filled with Cars

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  1. Feedback for Editor says:

    Please stop reprinting half-baked student essays. “Singapore is a meritocracy, and the ownership of cars is based on merit.” So the government assigns cars by level of educational attainment? And underachievers can’t take out a loan to buy a car? The author can’t possibly mean this and yet puts such a half-baked sentence in the article. “The fact that there are more cars in parking lots implies that more people are buying cars, yet not using them.” No, it doesn’t “imply” anything of the sort. It could be that there are more people buying cars, and more people using them, but also more people who park them when they are not using them. Duh. It’s not even statistically plausible, let alone a logical implication. Sad writing.

  2. banyan tree says:

    hmm, actually, i found the essay quite interesting… but your point seems valid as well. maybe both parties are both right, depending on which perspective is examined, hmm

  3. George says:

    Yes, the truth is in there, somewhere… ;)

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