Treatment to Unfair and Unclear ICA, CNB Procedures

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  1. Koh Choon Hwee says:

    Mr Daniel Lee is one of the most genuine and dedicated staff members at USP and NUS, and he is also a well-known triathlete and adventure racer. It is ridiculous that he had to be (and continues to be) subjected to such demeaning procedures despite testing negative in the urine test.

    What kind of machine is being used at the checkpoints? Surely our staff at the checkpoints can be more polite and respectful? This episode is highly disturbing and I hope Mr Lee’s MP will respond and follow-up on this matter.

  2. K K Tan says:

    I am interested to know what the relevant authorities have to say for our innocent citizens. I am sure there are many unreported injustice cases happening in our country.

  3. Sunny Ang says:

    I was a drug abuser for many years. I hated drug life. I am still under supervision for the past 12 months. My wife is conceiving this month. I have a wonderful career in the banking and finance sector would i want to waste it, would i be so selfish toward my loved ones! Not only the machine in ICA was questionable, even the urine testing machine is not accurate. I was self bail last night being held up for nearly 4 hours including my statement taken. I just got back from Malaysia for people like me undergoing urine supervision, once i am back from overseas i need to have my urine spotted. Spotted means that they will have my urine contained in two bottles send to Health Science Authority ( HSA ) use some very expensive chemical to run the test of many kinds of drug testing.Knowing the procedure well the question is; would someone like me even if he would want to has the audacity to fool with those machines, chemicals, ans the expertise of the CNB and HSA authorities!i was told by my peers last night whom has fall into the same predicament like me, that for straight 2 weeks he came for urine reporting, he was found positive of Amphethemine which i was found positive of it too. I am 100% confident that the truth will prevail, HSA eventual result will vindicate me because many years ago i fall into this predicatment before. However, though i was assured of my purity, it still gives me flashback. The most innocent party is my wife whom waited for me for nearly 4 hours outside Clementi Police Station. A pregnant women about to labor this month end waiting just imagine. One lady CNB asked me whether want to call my wife inform her i would wish to i said but request to her senior to let me call my wife was denied.To sum it all, this testing discrepancies affected my loved one the most. I have to go back on the 5th of Oct to report and that is my vindication day.

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