Of States and Corporations

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  1. Arang says:

    (“If we are to keep the term “capitalism” at all, then, we must distinguish between “free-market capitalism” on the one hand, and “state capitalism” on the other. The two are as different as day and night in their nature and consequences.)

    It is like saying there is a difference between a child and an adult. If you pick and choose on their differences, there is plenty to distinguish : age, maturity etc.

    But there are also commonality such as mortality, standard physical attributes etc.

    From the perspective of time, the child( free) will grow up to be an adult(state)

    The former is naive(child) whereas the latter(adult) is devious and egotistical(power and wealth become exclusive to a minority)

    And hence divisive, destablizing and corruptable state of affairs.

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