Established in 2009, The Kent Ridge Common is an independent publication of the National University of Singapore. Run by current undergraduates, the magazine focuses on current affairs and commentaries affecting the student life and beyond.

The magazine is in its eight generation of editorial team, and has over 80 former writers/contributors, with thousands of articles written over the years.

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Over the course of our history we have protected the confidentiality and privacy of all our news sources.

(Un)finding myself

My mother possesses the most beautiful black curls I have seen. The closest I have seen it replicated anywhere then was in the Greek mythology book I own – I saw it vaguely in the grainy pictures of M…

Just What Is It With Love?

It all started with a conversation. I was talking to my friend Bernard a day before the oh-it’s-that-day-again Valentine’s day. For some of my long-time companions, Bernard included, ̶…

The Silent Majority

It has been nearly two weeks since Trump took office in the White House. Within those two weeks, he has continued the overarching theme of his campaign: division. His numerous executive orders and pre…


On Greener Pastures

Check out @pewpew_away on Instagram for more photos! For some reason, I love coming back to NUS to study on holidays (and sometimes, the weekends). It might be sense of academic pursuit amongst peers,…

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A Note After Election Day

You thought that it was a bad dream. It was not. The flags streaked with red, blue, and a messy splash of orange in a sea of red caps. Beyond the crazy mad months that the world has endured, lies a fu…

A Day in the Life of an NUS Student

Established in 2009, The Kent Ridge Common is the independent daily of the National University of Singapore. Writers comprise largely of current undergrads with select alumni contributing to the paper. Opinions expressed are of the writer's own. Please visit our disclaimer page for our terms and conditions.

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