Review: Conversations About The Gifted Education Program (CATGEP)

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  1. passerby says:

    Interesting that this review fails to point out that the parents interviewed were the parents of the filmmaker herself – not the most professional thing to do, even in an amateur project.

    I also feel that this review could have benefited from full disclosure, i.e. noting that Koh is a former editor of the Kent Ridge Common.

    Finally, I’d contest the assertion that there was “minimal interference” from Koh. For instance, one segment that stood out for me was an exchange about 30 minutes in:

    Koh: And why do you want to deny that you’re in GEP?
    Lee: I never deny.
    Koh: But everybody knows that you deny.

    In the same exchange, Koh asks leading questions (e.g. “So it was a stigma to be in GEP and in a sports CCA”, which elicits a reluctant “Yes…”).

  2. mrstan says:

    there is a related issue of parents forcing their children to attend tuition classes to qualify for GEP.

    according to some teachers, students who managed to squeeze into GEP by such means usually can’t cope with the program.

    there are, most naturally, people capitalising on such desires (to get into an elite academic program).

    another point to consider:
    gifted people have special learning needs (just like people with adhd/ dyslexia). they need to be separated from others because they may be bored/destructive in class/ can’t perform well etc. so, really, GEP is just another program.

    the society is the one that has gradually accepted, viewed and pursued it as an elite program.

  3. mrstan says:

    also, it might be interesting to consider the socio-economic backgrounds of the GEP students. where they stay, parents’ monthly income, no. of siblings etc.

    (not very sure if these figures are available or not, hmm)

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