Review: Dick Lee’s HOTPANTS, A Superbly Entertaining Musical Comedy With A Deeper Message About Humanity.

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  1. Marianne says:

    Loved this detailed review.

    But oi! Your grandma was in her 20’s in 1972 issit ?!?!?! Something not gelling leh ………

    If you’re born in the 1990’s (assuming you’re now an NUS student), wouldn’t your mother, most likely, be born in 60’s?!?

    Which means your grandma is most likely born in 1940’s?!? Or maybe even 1930’s?!?

    So she’d be in her 30’s or 40’s in 1972, wouldn’t she?!

    1. Sakunika Wewalaarachchi says:

      Hahahhahahah yes exactly! I was referring to the character of Mrs DeSouza, who was indeed portrayed as being in her 30s – 40s, during the time period of the 1970s in HOTPANTS. She is not a young character, but a mother. Makes sense to you now? :P

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