Singapore to tighten the inflow of foreigners

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  1. Melvyn Kok says:

    PAP's self-serving, anti-Singaporean policies are precisely why Singaporeans are emigrating. There is no way Singaporeans will come back as long as PAP remain in absolute control.

  2. Jac says:

    Obviously PM Lee either quote the Israelis example out of context or he is poorly informed and doesn't read extensively to use the Israeli returnees as an example.

  3. Disheartened says:

    Melvyn, I agree. I used to be a proud and patriotic Singaporean, but with PAP's anti-Singaporean policies for the past few years, I feel like a second-class citizen in my own countryland. How sad. I can proclaim that I never was the type to ever think of migrating, but now, I can't wait to leave this mess-of-a-country, once I get the chance to. How sad.

  4. Panzer says:

    Our situation is that singaporeans are queueing to apply for PR in Aussie, NZ, etc. Just go to Police Cantonment Complex and chekc out the number of peopel who are queuing up to get a certificate of good conduct which is part of the paperwork needed by most PR applications by western countries.

    Majullah Singapura.

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