The candidate that does substantial damages at the polls

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  1. Fortune Tellerist says:

    "If Tan finally decides to come forward, he could be a major coup for the opposition party that takes him in. "

    How so? How will he become a major coup to the opposition party? On what basis are you saying this? Simply based on your simple analysis upon the three other previous opposition candidates whose backgrounds were linked to the establishment? Please explain further, elaborate.

    1. Kelvin_Teo says:

      If you check Tan's credentials, he has actually achieved quite a lot with NTUC. So he was a former high-flying figure in the establishment. And he is known figure in the finance industry. By virtue of those background, he could strike one as a candidate that can tackle bread and butter issues. Candidates that are good at tackling bread and butter issues will do well amongst voters. It helps that he was a high-flyer in a finance-related position in the establishment that supports his case. My gut feeling is that the more discerning voters want a candidate that are able to address bread and butter issues.

      Sincerely yours

  2. Charles says:

    On the basis that he has the hearts of the working class… Hope you were following the news on the bonds issue?

  3. chikaboo says:

    What a shallow analysis! What the hell does "the establishment" refer to anyway? If the establishment includes public and civil sectors, of course there will be a lot of people coming from there because "the establishment" is huge within Singapore and it hires a lot of people. I can easily turn your analysis around and say that "the establishment" is one hell of a good place to cut your teeth at politicking if you ever considered going into politics. Just look at who are these people who came out of "the establishment" and are now part of the government and opposition…

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