The Real Victims of Instagram

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  1. Darren says:

    Well, to put forth i must admit you have covered some of the “dark sides” to which instagram brings to its users, however please do not generalise such a statement freely, it there are people who continue posting even though they do not receive that many ‘Likes’ and its mainly because instagram was built to allow us to share our lives in a more colourful way- through pictures. so yes you may say you do not want to jump in this bandwagon of living the instagram life. but think again, wouldnt you capture moments of your life in picture as well? instagram is the same, its just the sharing of the photo with an online community, and it serves as a neat “scrapbook” to log down all the sites and picturesque views you have come across be it food or scenery, so it’s really unjust for one to claim how instagram users are too caught up in it, unless, the irony of course, you are not keen to start an instagram account for you fear you will not garner much likes for your photos? who knows? Or maybe you’re just someone who just want to go about life without taking down the pleasant memories, in short, it’s such a waste for one to not engage in the benefits instagram gives. It’s a pity.

  2. Darren says:

    Wow did you delete my comment. amazing.

    1. Xiang Yeow says:

      Sorry, Darren!

      Your comment wasn’t deleted. We were a little tardy in approving comments.

      Thank you for sharing your thoughts with us :]

  3. Huey Yun says:

    Hello Darren, I personally feel that there are other mediums that could be used to capture moments and memories. I think the author is esentially arguing against the dark narcissim that tends to develop when someone becomes an Instagram addict; and I guess he is just choosing not to partake in it it.

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